palm tree

Beauty of Palm Trees

So many people love palm trees. They constantly show off their beauty from tourist attractions and to even wildlife. That, in itself, captures the human eye by its magical wonders. Palm trees are common in California, Florida, Arizona, Texas and many other states in the U.S. and the world. The palm tree is much more significant than […]

no regrets

What did you say “No To” in the past that you now regret?

What did you say “No To” in the past that you now regret? We all have at least one too many. How could you fix them? The obvious answer is that you may never be able to but we can learn from them. Despite our mistakes, we, hope to never duplicate the same thing over […]


Which One Should I First Publish? Regular Book vs. eBook

It is no secret that publishing a book just before getting it ready before releasing a hardcover book was an expensive format. Years later, it became much easier now with an eBook and self-publishing. Many self-published authors today are determined to format and release their work themselves. However the question many still ask today should […]


In A Moment of Isolation

Do you ever have the feeling at times that shortly after you wake up in the morning; that it offers the solitude that permits your mind to wander almost aimlessly, from the past, present and to the future? I remember, in the past, the old days of being a kid, when the future seemed so […]


Discover Yourself

Many of us want to discover ourselves. How can we make that important adjustment? How can we set our minds to uncover who we really are? First, “Be bold enough to live creatively. Being innovative is the place where no one else has ever been, just you. You have to  leave the town of your […]


When You’re Stuck in a Situation, Could it Be for a Purpose

When you are stuck in a situation that you feel you just cannot fulfill that you always dreamed of aiming for a specific goal, could it be for a purpose? Possibly! So many things in life happen for a reason, even beyond our own understanding. There may be a plan for your life that you […]

Experience Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Experience Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Greetings! I wanted to keep you informed for those who may have never traveled to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, but maybe one day would like to. Several years back I took my first-ever trip to Ocho Rios.  Jamaica is such a unique country with historical culture surrounding it. The name “Ocho Rios” in Spanish is las […]


Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Life

It happens to a lot of people. Either from dreams or after you wake up, the negative thoughts that are tugging at your soul never seems to go away. For many, one’s thoughts will determine your actions or the lack of it. The bad treatment how a friend or a family member or an experience at […]


Five Steps How to Have a Great Day!

I know this is never easy for anyone today. We want to but can we ask ourselves, “Can I have a great day today”? If you are someone who either has a lot of stress physically, just overworked, or just never being contented with many things, days may cause your state-of-mind to be miserable. It […]

accept past

Can We Accept Our Past?

The past is history and can never return. Situations of things which happened are in the past and which still affects us today can never be redone. Is it possible to forget the bad feelings of our past and then put it out of your mind for good? Actually that is almost impossible for most […]


Just Turn the Page

Who, at times, can possibly forgive someone over a situation where we were not at fault over an unpleasant thing that happened? It may truly, at first, be so unbearable that you just can’t let go of it. Some people believe what goes around, comes around. Even other situations that can cause us to be […]

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