What’s Inside Your DNA Can Be for a Purpose

Who says your life could actually be preordained? What’s inside your DNA helps shape the talents and impressions you possess. We all have some sort of special abilities. Some are born to be a famous movie star, a country singer, a novelist, or a master carpenter. Many can argue, but people have a special talent […]

forget the past

Doing 5 Things Today to Forget the Past

Life is never easy. If you do not have an unpleasant past, you would be fortunate because many people do.  Not everyone can move on from an unpleasant past but we all should at least try. If you are able to, you should feel privileged. Most of us do have some unpleasant memories. For  example: […]


From a Positive Past, Look Forward

Let’s say for example, if you could live your life over and start it again from your childhood, but understanding that you will relive everything exactly as you had the first time, would you want to redo that? Would you change it for a better outcome or just relive it because it was so positive […]

inspired writer

Be An Inspired Writer

It is so inspiring doing what you like when it comes to being a writer. When you have an idea in mind, you come down and put it on paper. Your idea thrives and then sets, creating original and exciting ideas to complete a story of some kind. Truth is, many times we do not […]


Don’t Be Toppled by Tomorrow

What is your greatest or saddest word we all may overlook probably every day? It is the word tomorrow. We all do not want at times to do certain things so we all just put it off “tomorrow”. Many of us in life have great ambitions that we want to fulfill. Others who have great […]


A Journey We Take Can Change a Lifetime

A journey we take in life can be a passage of a continuing life changing, empowering path. Many times in my life, my experiences moving here and there, encountering certain people, and having various setbacks, I found the strengths I didn’t know I seemed to possess just through these challenges. Once I became independent through […]

Arthur’s inspirational transformation video

 This is such a very inspirational motivational  video that I wanted to share. We can learn when  we never give up. Arthur Boorman was a disabled veteran of the Gulf War for fifteen years and was told by his doctor that he would never be able to walk again. He, at first believed them as […]


Are You Stuck Between A Rock & A Hard Place?

There are so many of us, at times, when we feel that we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Meaning that either way you are currently in a mess and you are not doing well. Many feel that way due to poor decisions or a situation where you meant well trying to help that […]


Ignore (Keeping A Better Peace of Mind)

Why is it best (as much as possible) to ignore when it comes to certain situations? It can, at times, help you stay more focused by keeping a better peace of mind. Gaining a better peace of mind can be healthy by trying to work around a specific problem. It may never work all the […]

What is Your Direction in Life?

With so many experiences that each one of us goes through, either good or bad, how does it shape your direction in life? What could you do to help shape-shift your experiences for a better direction? When we make certain mistakes that we wish we could automatically erase, which way would you try to help […]


Does Money Equal Happiness

Many people today think that money and happiness work so well together.  When it comes being able purchasing things; like clothes, a new car, computers, or even smart phones, it can be very enjoyable getting what we need and like. We are happy at the end of the work week when we collect our paychecks […]

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