Do you need a kind of discussion to assist your needs? I can be here for you. Sometimes people just need an ear to listen to them. I have many interests and much life experience, particularly with situations that many can go through (both personal and with other people in my life).

For only $5.00, I would be honored to help you though anything that may be on your mind whether it’s advice, or just someone to talk to for a while. Skype chat is limited to only 15 minutes.

To set up a meeting, PLEASE fill out the form below and e-mail Brian a message at with any specifics that you need. Skype Brian @ briantwrtightorg  Allow Brian to plan a proper time to talk to you uninterrupted and we will be able to get through anything that you’re interested in.  English Speaking language.

Payment is through Paypal. Thank you!!


 As a blog writer, I believe we all need motivational blogs to help keep us engaged as well as a way to change our daily lives.

If you would like a motivational blog post that you can use wherever you like, I will write it for you between 350 – 400 words in MS Word Format.


To contact Brian about this service, fill out this form. Give any questions that you would like to Brian at brian(at)briantwright (dot) org  . Please include as much detail as you can about your project and your needs. Thank you!! 


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